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Step by step guidance for your future

Admission/Career Counseling

  • Guidance in selecting the appropriate course
  • Advice in selecting the appropriate university/college
  • Step by step guidance on the admission process
  • Advice on the availability of scholarships/bursaries
  • Facilitate a fast track admission process

Visa Assistance

  • Step by step guidance in completing the visa applications form
  • Advice on requisite financial/non financial requirements
  • Verify and ensure accuracy of all documentation
  • Organize documents and provide a checklist prior to submission

Accommodation Advice

Hall of residence:

Many universities / colleges have halls of residence that are designed for students and are located on campus or close to the university / college. The type of accommodation and associated cost could be found from the University/College website.

Private Accommodation:

Private accommodation (Houses or Flats) are a great way of reducing your accommodation cost. You can find out about private accommodation via your university/college accommodation service.

Home Stay:

A home stay is when you stay in the home of a host family and it serves as a cultural learning experience as well as an excellent option if you prefer to stay in a family environment. Home stay could be organized via your university/college or private accommodation providers.

Pre-Departure Guidance and Travel Assistance

  • Provide advice on the documents required for enrolment at the University/College
  • Guidance on the enrollment process after arriving at the university/college
  • Opportunity to meet and liaise with fellow students from your intended university/college
  • Advice on the most suitable travel options available